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In an era of automation and artificial intelligence, the manufacturing industry is exploding with innovation.


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Cubefabs are full-scale R&D to production facilities.

Featuring a completely modular design, Cubefabsapproaches maximum sustainable efficiency.


the cost


the size


the time

to production as today’s typical semiconductor fab, all while using a fraction of the resources.

Cubefabsare powered by a machine learning platform called

AIPC™ maps the factory, optimizing production in real-time.

AIPC™ provides autonomous factory control, maximizing product yields, reducing waste, and lowering overall costs.

Cubefabsare built to scale a next generation semiconductor material: gallium oxide.

Ga2O3 is highly efficient, extremely versatile, and generates more energy.

Cubefabschips support new satellite technology that provides the climate modeling data contributing to environmental research.

Cubefabschips power vertical farming technologies, including LED lighting, monitoring sensors, and smart climate controls.

Cubefabsspeed up the design cycle for automotive industries by condensing production into a seamless process and self-improves to meet demand as needed.

The future of
manufacturing is here.

The AI-powered factory of the future.



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